Jeff Bezos Unveils Amazon PrimeAir – Drone Delivery

While the fundamentals continue to deteriorate, we are sure the idea of drone-based delivery (which fits with the 7500 drones the FAA expects within the next few years) will add a few multiple points to Amazon’s share price valuation. On a side note, w… [...]

Is Janet Yellen Smarter Than Me?

Yellen`s Talking Points   During Janet Yellen`s Senate Banking Committee testimony to paraphrase she said that she doesn`t see a bubble in stock prices based upon some of the metrics they utilize at the Fed, and she mentioned that the rise in… [...]

Wal-Mart Plagued By The "Wrong Kind" Of Lines On Black Friday

Yesterday, it was fast-food workers explaining that a 100% minimum wage rise “would do just fine” and today it is Wal-Mart employees pressing for a 50% rise. As McClatchy reports, Wal-Mart employees plan to disrupt operations at 1,500 of the company’s … [...]

Believe It Or Not: Japan To Reopen Soccer Facility In Fukushima For 2020 Olympics

Below we present a twitter exchange we had with a Japanese media outlet overnight on Twitter. It needs no commentary. Plan in the works to decontaminate Fukushima’s J-Village in time to reopen it as soccer facility ahead of 2020 Olympics. — SNA Japan… [...]

Frontrunning: November 26

M&A Mystery: Why Are Takeover Prices Plummeting? (WSJ) Hedge-Fund Fight Club Traded Illegal Tips Not Punches (BBG) Speed Traders Meet Nightmare on Elm Street With Nanex (BBG) A new wave of U.S. mortgage trouble threatens (Reuters) Penny Lane: Gitm… [...]

BATS Breaks (Yet Again)

Is it just coincidence that Twitter is being Baumgartnered and both the NYSE (stock) and BATS (options) markets have now broken! This is just farcical now…     [...]

In China 1.2 Million Candidates Apply For 19,000 Government Jobs

The difficulty of US workers to obtain “desirable” jobs has been noted here previously. Recall in 2012 when Delta received 22,000 applications for about 300 flight attendant jobs in the first week after posting the positions outside the company (which … [...]

NYSE "Breaks" As Twitter Slumps To New Record Low

Even as the Dot-Com 2.0 exasperates to new highs, it seems Twitter – the darling of the no-profit-but-lots-of-hype recent IPOs – is losing its lustre. TWTR is down 4% today to new lows post-IPO under $40. The catalyst for this latest slump appears to b… [...]

"We’ve Been Conditioned Over The Years To Trust Paper Money"

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,231.75, EUR 911.60 and GBP 760.57 per ounce.Friday’s AM fix was USD 1,241.75, EUR 918.59 and GBP 766.75 per ounce Download our eBook: 10 Important Points To Consider Before You Buy Gold Gold remained unchanged Friday, closi… [...]

#AskJPM Fiasco Provides Blueprint to Rein in Criminal Banking Behavior

The #AskJPM debacle that JP Morgan cancelled earlier this month due to embarrassment and humiliation regarding the mountain of questions they received in regard to their criminal actions provided a gift to all of us. American Indian tribes did not have… [...]