No Red Futures On Black Friday

A hungover America slowly wakes up from a day of society-mandated consumption and purchasing excess to engage in even more Fed-mandated excess in the equity markets. The only difference is that while the “90%” was engaged in the former and depleting th… [...]

Banks Write Legislation

I have covered compromised HFT reports in the past and it seems correspondence between TBTF and Washington have gone beyond just generic compromise.  Fraud and corruption between Wall Street and Washington is nothing new to those who have trusted … [...]

Judd Gregg Redefines "Revolving Door" – From US Senator, To Goldman Sachs Advisor, To Head Of SIFMA

Behold the definition of a “revolving door” – Judd Gregg: from US Senator, to Goldman Sachs advisor, to SIFMA head, all in under two years. The SIFMA press release proudly announcing its new head. Oddly, zero mentions of “Goldman Sachs”: The Securitie… [...]

Fed Releases Names Of Early FOMC Minutes Recipients: Include Employees Of ECB, Goldman, Barclays, JPM, Law And PE Firms

We will release the full list of named recipients once we get it, but here is what we now for now, via BBG and CNN: EMPLOYEES AT GOLDMAN SACHS, BARCLAYS, JP MORGAN, CITI, NOMURA, UBS, HSBC RECEIVED FED MINUTES EARLY YESTERDAY MOST OF THE BANK EMPLOYEE… [...]

The Fed is Subsidizing Corporate EPS

As we see miss after miss on the revenue line, companies have seemingly still been able to meet EPS estimates (or at least stop them from plunging). How? (outside of releasing any and all reserves), simple – fed funded share buybacks. Indeed, contrary… [...]

Overnight Sentiment: Cloudy, If Not Quite Frankenstormy

It is cloudy out there as Sandy enters the mid-Atlantic region, although for all the pre-apocalypse preparations in New York, the Frankenstorm may just be yet another dud now that its landfall is expected to come sufficiently south of NYC to make the … [...]

California Lt. Governor: This Aggression Against Our Expropriation Of Private Property Will Not Stand, Man

It is not news that California, despite what the money laundering practices aided and abetted by the NAR at the ultra-luxury segment of housing may indicate, is and has been for the past 5 years neck deep in a massive housing glut (with millions of ho… [...]

David Kotok: LIBOR, the Fed and the TED

  Great item from David Kotok of Cumberland Advisors.  When is the Fed going to reverse the self-serving decision by Gerald Corrigan and Alan Greenspan to end surveillance over primary dealers?  The Fed’s unwillingness to admit fault is… [...]

TrimTabs Explains Why Today’s "Very, Very Suspicious" NFP Number Is Really Down 2.9 Million In Past 2 Months

We have examined the nuance of the euphoric jobs data this morning from every angle and by now there should be plenty of ‘information’ for investors to make their own minds up on its credibility. However, the avuncular CEO of TrimTabs, who despite cha… [...]