Visualizing Abenomics – Japan’s Dangerous Experiment

The early effects of the reform program have triggered a surge in the Japanese stock market, accelerated by the anticipation of growth revival. So far, so good for the markets and traders. But how will Abenomics accommodate public debt of over 200% GDP… [...]

Pulling The Plug On QE – Will The Fed Ever Taper?

Saxo Capital Markets’ latest infographic explores the long-term value of quantitative easing (QE) and, surveying the effect on the US economy, asks whether the US Federal Reserve will ever taper QE.   Via Saxo Bank, The Fed first launched quanti… [...]

Guest Post: Rediscovering The Price Of Money… When Things Can’t Get Any Worse

Submitted by Steen Jakobsen, CIO Saxo Bank (via Trading, I’ve been starting my speeches for some time now by saying: “I am the most optimistic I have been in almost thirty years in the market—if only because things can&rsqu… [...]

Guest Post: They’re Coming For Your Savings

Submitted by John Rubino via The Dollar Collapse blog, Another of history’s many lessons is that governments under pressure become thieves. And today’s governments are under a lot of pressure. Before we look at the coming wave of asset conf… [...]

Guest Post: Why Are Markets Confused?

Authored by Steen Jakobsen, CIO Saxo Bank via his blog at, “Confusion is a word we have invented for an order which is not understood.” – Henry Miller  Why are markets so confused? I am slightly perplexed as to why the market ha… [...]

Saxo Bank CEO On The ‘Eurozone Minefield’: "This Crisis Will Not Pass"

Niall Ferguson recently remarked, “[Europe] is a politicial experiment gone wrong. The experiment was to see if Europeans could be forced into an even closer union – despite their wishes – by economic means, because the political means failed.” In this… [...]

Saxo Bank Explains How Massive Stock Market Rallies End

Submitted by John Hardy of Saxo Bank, Now that I am convinced we’ve moved into totally unjustifiable extremes of complacency in risky assets, I am having a look at some historic stock market breaks and how they have unfolded. In that light, the curr… [...]

Saxo Bank CEO: "Is Cyprus Deposit Levy The First Sign Of Widespread Wealth Tax?"

Authored by Lars Seier Christensen, via his blog at, Confusion reigns supreme in the Cyprus bailout. So it is fairly risky to stick out your neck commenting on an unknown outcome that could leave you exposed to ridicule in hours if th… [...]

Saxo Bank CEO: "This Is Full-Blown Socialism And I Still Can’t Believe It Happened"

Authored by Lars Seier Christensen, CEO Saxo Bank; originally posted at his blog at, It is difficult to describe the weekend bailout package to Cyprus in any other way. The confiscation of 6.75 percent of small depositors’ money and 9…. [...]

Visualizing The Currency Wars

After the spectacular moves of late 2008, currency market volatility slowly reverted to more normal ranges, with a few exceptions over the course of 2009-2011. However, as Saxo Bank notes, since the start of the year, firebrand rhetoric is forcing curr… [...]