Frontrunning: November 21

When it fails, do more of it – Bank of Japan hints at extending ultra-loose monetary policy (FT) PBOC Says No Longer in China’s Interest to Increase Reserves (BBG) Fed casts about for endgame on easy-money policy  (Hilsenrath) Big trucks still … [...]

Frontrunning: November 20

JPMorgan $13 Billion Mortgage Deal Seen as Lawsuit Shield (BBG) J.P. Morgan Is Haunted by a 2006 Decision on Mortgages (WSJ) World powers, Iran in new attempt to reach nuclear deal (Reuters) Keystone Foes Seek to Thwart Oil Sands Exports by Rail (BBG)… [...]

How To Play The Next Tech Disruption Wave

Three weeks ago, I outlined six key investment themes for the next decade. I neglected to mention one for wont of space and because I wanted to devote an entire post to it. Namely, further technological disruption to established industries. Everyo… [...]

Frontrunning: July 10

MSM discovers that soaring dollar hurts corporate profits: P&G to Apple Hurt by Strong Dollar Keep S&P 500 Profits in Check (BBG) China Posts Surprise Drop in Exports (WSJ) – lol: “surprise” Plan Reins In Biggest Banks (WSJ) European Commissio… [...]

Dark Side of Wall Street

Follow ZeroHedge in Real time on FinancialJuice Not so long ago, the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg stated that people who read the Wall Street Journaldon’t get killed. It came in the wake of yet another bout of US pangs of questioning … [...]

Frontrunning: June 14

As Goldman’s money-printing tentacle Carney arrives, everyone else leaves: Tucker to Leave BOE (WSJ) So much for pent up demand: Refinancings Plunge as Bond Yields Rise (WSJ) Singapore Censures 20 Banks for Attempts to Rig Benchmark Rates (BBG) Behind… [...]

Frontrunning: February 6

Tunisian opposition politician shot dead, protests erupt (Reuters) China says extremely concerned after latest North Korea threats (Reuters) Postal Service to cut Saturday mail to trim costs (AP) Debt Rise Colors Budget Talks (WSJ) Obama proposes shor… [...]

Frontrunning: December 4

Two weeks ago here: The Latest Greek “Bailout” In A Nutshell: AAA-Rated Euro Countries To Fund Massive Hedge Fund Profits… and now on Bloomberg: “Hedge Funds Win as Europe Will Pay More for Greek Bonds” (BBG) Oracle sends shareholders cash as tax un… [...]

Guest Post: All I Want For Christmas Is The Truth

Via Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform blog, “Eyes blinded by the fog of thingscannot see truth.Ears deafened by the din of thingscannot hear truth.Brains bewildered by the whirl of thingscannot think truth.Hearts deadened by the weight of thing… [...]

Frontrunning: October 16

Hillary Clinton Accepts Blame for Benghazi (WSJ) In Reversal, Cash Leaks Out of China (WSJ) Spain Considers EU Credit Line (WSJ) China criticizes new EU sanctions on Iran, calls for talks (Reuters) Portugal sees third year of recession in 2013 budget… [...]