The "Anti-Economist" Vs Paul Krugman Who Calls Bitcoin the Anti-Social Network

krugman-picsay Paul Krugman wrote an anti-cryptocurrency Op-Ed piece in the NY Times titled the “Anti-social Network”. Now, I know the Times needs to sell ad space and subscriptions, hence technical accuracy may not be exactly what they are going for, … [...]

The Financial Times Follows Up On Reggie Middleton’s Admonitions Of A Canadian Housing Bubble

Two months ago I answered the query, Is There A Bubble In The Canadian Condo Market? for my subscribers. The missive started off like this:  The Canadian condo market is running into a precarious over-supply… [...]

Reggie Middleton’s Apple Q4 2013 Analysis: RDF In Full Effect As Analysts & Press Go GaGa Over Garbage!

I’d like to start this report off with an excerpt from the last report, which ironically excerpted the one before that – to wit: Possibly the biggest indicator of past research being of high quality is the ability to regurgitate it in the future as… [...]

As NSA Spreads Disinformation Wooing Hoi Polloi To Shun Innovation, Dead Beat Carriers Represent Biggest Security Threat

 carrierIQ homepageAbout a month and a half ago, I penned the piece NSA’s Greatest Weapon In Surveillance? Outright Ignorance In Tech Consumers. The goal was to attempt to wake up the less than conscious in regards to where and with whom the … [...]

Professor Espouses 2+2=4, Lauded with Accolades And Wins Nobel Prize For Real Estate Bubbles

I like Professor Shiller and respect his work. Really, I do, but… Massive bubbles, the sort of the proportion of the 2008 crisis, are nigh impossible to miss if you can add single digits successfully and are able to keep your eyes open for a few… [...]

Why Bankers Don’t Like Reggie: How Many "One Time" Items Do We Need To Make An Item No Longer "One Time"?

20131009 162741 271 x Before I get started, I just want everyone to know that I always declared that There’s Something Fishy at the House of Morgan (Wednesday, 27 April 2011). Here are a few historical graphics to bring you up to speed to what sho… [...]

Exactly As I Warned, "Cyprusization" Goes Mainstream! Ireland On Tap, Next Up For Citizen Fund Confiscation (Again)

Last year I wrote “The “Believe In Germany Bailing The EU” Trade: Go Long Magic Wand Raw Materials & Harry Potter Paraphernalia” wherein I warned of both the risk in Germany as a save all, and the risks posed to European FIRE sector companies (and … [...]

Microsoft Finally Bought Nokia As I Suspected, Now Will They Do The Right Thing?

On Tuesday, 15 February 2011 I penned The Nokia/Microsoft Alliance & Android’s Commoditization Of The Mobile Computing Platform… In said missive, I apparently foretold the future, to wit: The Nokia/Microsoft Marriage via Force of A… [...]

Free Advice Is Sometimes Worth More Than You Paid for It. On That Note, Irishman… Take Your Money And Run!!!

Free advice is sometimes worth a little more than you paid for it. On that note, Irishmen should take note of how much you paid for this research and then… Take your money and run! SUN-SUN-PAGES-NEWS-MONEY-6066 copy copy   Earlier this week… [...]

When Zero Is Just Not Enough: The End Of QEZIRP And The Beginning Of Rational Market Pricing

With rates spiking and equities dropping, all due to the long overdue realization that Bernanke can’t goose the markest forever, I take this time to review my many warnings of this moment as it it approaches. Reggie Middleton Featured in Property EU, o… [...]