Is Janet Yellen Smarter Than Me?

Yellen`s Talking Points   During Janet Yellen`s Senate Banking Committee testimony to paraphrase she said that she doesn`t see a bubble in stock prices based upon some of the metrics they utilize at the Fed, and she mentioned that the rise in… [...]

A-Rod And Janet Yellen: What Valuation, Debt And The Fed Can Say About The Next Bear Market

Submitted by F.F. Wiley of Cyniconomics What Can Valuation, Debt and the Fed Tell Us about the Next Bear Market? We last wrote about stock valuation in August, when we looked at three types of P/E multiples and argued that stocks were more stretched t… [...]

"Is This The Right Time To Get Into Gold?"

Today’s AM fix was USD 1,245.25, EUR 915.29 and GBP 763.07 per ounce.Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,241.75, EUR 913.12 and GBP 760.46 per ounce. Yesterday the markets were closed in the U.S. for the Thanksgiving national holiday.The closing fix in L… [...]

Margin Debt Soars To New Record; Investor Net Worth Hits Record Low

The correlation between stock prices and margin debt continues to rise (to new records of exuberant "Fed's got our backs" hope) as NYSE member margin balances surge to new record highs. Relative to the NYSE Composite, this is the most &qu… [...]

"Yellen Has Ensured An Equity Market Crash Is Inevitable"

Authored by Guy Haselmann of Scotiabank, FED – Encouraging the Melt-Up Trade, While Regulating Bubbles Away       The Fed moved ‘all-in’ in 2008/09 when it pushed rates to zero and embarked on QE. Since the Fed basi… [...]

John Hussman Asks "What Is Different This Time?"

Submitted by John Hussman of Hussman Funds, Investors who believe that history has lessons to teach should take our present concerns with significant weight, but should also recognize that tendencies that repeatedly prove reliable over complete market … [...]

WITCHES BREW: The Policies of Insolvency! (PART VI)

TedBits – Newsletter View online Forward TedBits Newsletter November 8, 2013   Send To A Friend | View as PDF | View Past Articles | Subscribe   WITCHES B… [...]

Fitch Warns Of Housing Bubble, Says "Unsustainable" Jump Leaves Home Prices 17% Overvalued

Whether it is ‘cover’ for the all-too-obvious collapse to come (when another round of ratings agency litigation will take place as blame is apportioned) or more likely a ‘fool-me-once…’ perspective on reality, Fitch has a new report blasting the “uns… [...]

Mike Maloney’s Top 10 Reasons To Buy Gold & Silver

As Mike "Hidden Secrets Of Money" Maloney has said many times before, the economic crisis of 2008 was only a speed bump on the way to the main event.  He believes that before the end of this decade there will be an economic crisis so his… [...]

The "Oh Crap" Moment For Housing Is Now In The Can

Real estate guru Mark Hanson updates his housing view following this week’s dismal housing industry data:  Sept. Pending Sales… the largest MoM drop since Sept 2001… not 2011… yes, 2001. Don’t let them tell you ‘this is normal for Sept’. … [...]