Ron "Austrian" Paul Vs. Paul "Keynesian" Krugman – You Decide

The concept of the business cycle and its un-natural intervention-inspired boom-bust process is at the core of the following three minutes of dueling quotes from two of the most infamous public proponents of change (Ron Paul) and the status quo (Paul K… [...]

Guest Post: Krugman’s Adventures In Fairyland

Submitted by William L Anderson of The Ludwig von Mises Institute, After studying and teaching Keynesian economics for 30 years, I conclude that the “sophisticated” Keynes­ians really do believe in magic and fairy dust. Lots of fairy du… [...]

The "Anti-Economist" Vs Paul Krugman Who Calls Bitcoin the Anti-Social Network

krugman-picsay Paul Krugman wrote an anti-cryptocurrency Op-Ed piece in the NY Times titled the “Anti-social Network”. Now, I know the Times needs to sell ad space and subscriptions, hence technical accuracy may not be exactly what they are going for, … [...]

Guest Post: Paul Krugman’s Fallacies

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum of Acting-Man blog, Krugman, Summers and the First Keynesian Paul Krugman has used the occasion of Larry Summers' speech at the IMF to lay out his economic views, or let us rather say, his economic fallacies. As we alr… [...]

Spoiler Alert: Godot Never Shows Up

Submitted by Ben Hunt of Epsilon Theory The 18th Brumaire of Janet Yellen One of the more painful lessons in investing is that the prudent investor (or ‘value investor’ if you prefer) almost invariably must forego plenty of fun at the top end… [...]

No Zero Bound On Reason

From Sean Corrigan of Diapason Commodities Management No Zero Bound on Reason Now it may be that Professor Krugman can insist that the grossly inequitable distributional effects which this brings about – letting the GINI out of the bottle as we have … [...]

Have Larry Summers And Paul Krugman Just Had Their Dimon/Dudley Moment?

Submitted by F.F.Wiley of Cyniconomics blog, With my kids getting older, I no longer get much chance to play “What’s wrong with this picture?” This is the game you’ll occasionally find on a children’s menu that&r… [...]

No High School Diploma? No Problem: Here Are The Best Paying Jobs For You

While we hope that the attached Bloomberg chart showing the best paying jobs for people without a high-school diploma will be of no use to our readers (for the simple reason that we assume Zero Hedge readers are well-educated in anything but convention… [...]

The Biggest Disaster in SE Asia Waiting to Happen: Thailand’s Massive Real Estate Bubble

In 1997, the SE Asian Tigers all faced severe economic stresses, partially triggered by a primarily foreign capital-funded massive real estate bubble in Thailand. Today the EXACT same thing is happening as untempered foreign investment into Thailand’… [...]

This Explains A Lot

Moments ago, the following news broke across various news feeds: BREAKING: Princeton U. to distribute meningitis vaccine not approved in the US to halt campus outbreak. — NBCWashington (@nbcwashington) November 18, 2013 This is great news. But we wo… [...]