A Bull Market In $1,000 Faucets As Home Equity Loans Soar

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, “People don’t want granite countertops — they want marble costing at least 25 percent more,” said Mroz, owner of Michael Robert Construction in Westfield, an affluent town… [...]

Frontrunning: November 25

Washington turns bond market upside (FT) China Air-Zone Move Expands Field of Islands Spat With Japan (BBG); Japan rejects China claim on airspace over disputed islands (FT) ‘Great Satan’ meets ‘Axis of Evil’ and strikes a deal (Reuters) Iran Pact Fac… [...]

Lack Of Crime Doesn’t Pay: JPM Banker Pay To Remain Flat In 2013

In the aftermath of the devastating, vicious, tax-deductible DOJ settlement with JPMorgan, its stock may have responded by soaring to new all time highs (unclear if it was JPM’s prop desk – in violation of the Volcker and every other rule – doing most … [...]

Frontrunning: November 20

JPMorgan $13 Billion Mortgage Deal Seen as Lawsuit Shield (BBG) J.P. Morgan Is Haunted by a 2006 Decision on Mortgages (WSJ) World powers, Iran in new attempt to reach nuclear deal (Reuters) Keystone Foes Seek to Thwart Oil Sands Exports by Rail (BBG)… [...]

Frontrunning: November 19

J.P. Morgan, U.S. Reach Historic Settlement (WSJ) OECD cuts global growth forecast (AP) Guess the profit margin: Wal-Mart Touts $98 TV as Holiday Seen Weakest Since 2009 (BBG) Republicans defy threat, block another Obama judicial pick (Reuters) Fed Po… [...]

S&P 1800 Or Bust As Futures Ramp Continues

The overnight global scramble to buy stocks, any stocks, anywhere, continued, with the Nikkei soaring higher by 2% as the USDJPY rose firmly over 100, to levels not seen since May as the previously reported speculation that more QE from the BOJ is just… [...]

How JP Morgan Bribed The Chinese Prime Minister’s Daughter Using A Fake Name

Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, Allegations of JP Morgan’s use of clever tactics to bribe Chinese officials recently received mainstream attention when Salon journalist Alex Pareene mentioned it in a comical and classic i… [...]

Frontrunning: November 14

Yellen to defend Fed’s ultra-easy monetary policy (Reuters) Japan growth slows on global weakness (WSJ) Eurozone third-quarter growth falters (FT) Fed Debates Its Low-Rate Peg (Hilsenrath) Yellen: Economy Still Needs Fed Aid (WSJ) ‘Obamacare’ laun… [...]

Q3 Earnings Roundup: Banks, Non-Banks and the FOMC

The big news from the Q3 2013 earnings announcements so far is that the mainstream financial media has discovered non-bank financials.  The non-bank sector has been growing fast, this as the traditional financials comprised of depositories and bro… [...]

Frontrunning: November 11

Philippines Left Reeling in Wake of Storm (WSJ) Khamenei controls massive financial empire built on property seizures (RTRS) Race to Bottom Resumes as Central Bankers Ease Anew (BBG) U.S. Postal Service to deliver Amazon packages on Sundays  (LA … [...]