RealtyTrac: "Institutional Investor Housing Purchases Plummet Nationwide"

Concluding the trifecta of today’s housing data, we present perhaps the most authoritative report on what is actually going on in the market, that by RealtyTrac. What RealtyTrac has to say is in direct contradiction with both the Permits and Case-Shill… [...]

5 Things To Ponder This Weekend

Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, It is hard to believe that the end of the year is fast approaching.  This weekend's list of things to ponder covers a range of issues that caught my attention as I prepare to write my annua… [...]

Senate Grills Bitcoins – Live Webcast

"Beyond Silk Road: Potential Risks, Threats, and Promises of Virtual Currencies" is the title of today's Senate hearing (from Homeland Security) on th eperils of Bitcoin. We are sure the exaggeration and exasperation will run high as Gove… [...]

"Frustrated" Liquidity Addicts Demand Moar From BOJ As Nikkei Rally Stalls, Abenomics Founders And "Hope Fades"

While the only topic of discussion for “sophisticated” investors everywhere is when (and if) the Fed will ever dare to reduce its monthly flow injection into US markets from $85 billion to a paltry $75 billion, everyone has forgotten that across the Pa… [...]

John Taylor Explains Why Economic Failure Causes Political Polarization

Authored by John Taylor, originally posted at, It is a common view that the shutdown, the debt-limit debacle and the repeated failure to enact entitlement and pro-growth tax reform reflect increased political polarization. I believe this gets t… [...]


Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum of Acting-Man blog, Skew Index Rises Sharply One of our readers pointed out to us last week that the recent strong rise in the so-called CBOE SKEW index should also be counted among the various divergences that make the st… [...]

Ordinary Americans Priced Out Of Housing: Institutional Purchases Hit Record, Half Of All Deals Are "All-Cash"

If there was any doubt that the US housing “recovery” is anything but the latest speculative play by deep-pocketed (namely those who already have access to cheap funding) investors, who are now engaged in rotating cash gains out of capital markets and … [...]

Frontrunning: October 23

Top China Banks Triple Debt Write-Offs as Defaults Loom (BBG) PBOC suspends open market operations again (Global Times) Eurozone bank shares fall after ECB outlines health check plan (FT) O-Care falling behind (The Hill) Key House Republican presses t… [...]

Frontrunning: October 17

Congress Vote Ends Impasse to Be Revisited in January (BBG); Congress Passes Debt, Budget Deal (WSJ) House GOP extracts no concessions (Politico) Washington becomes the biggest risk to the U.S. economy (Reuters) Debt Deal Seen Boosting U.S. Consumers … [...]

"What Politicians Want Is A World Of Pure Beta And Zero Alpha"

The Levers from (article link) Mr. Incredible:  You mean you killed off real heroes so that you could *pretend* to be one? Syndrome:        Oh, I’m real. Real enough to defeat you! And I did it… [...]