Obama Administration Admits "There Is More Work To Be Done" As Healthcare.gov Relaunches

While even the most naive private sector cyber-experts knew well in advance that an effective rewrite of Obamacare’s 500 million lines of code would take a “little longer” than the month promised by the government in advance of the November 30 fix dead… [...]

Signs of a Top

The primary drivers of asset prices are the economy and corporate earnings. With that in mind, consider that both are rolling over today.   Indeed, when we take the big picture, we find that corporate profits, as a percentage of GDP are also at al… [...]

These 441 (And Rising) Retailers Are Offering "Bitcoin Black Friday" Deals

If one of the initial fears surrounding Bitcoin, or rather digital currencies of which there suddenly appears to be a veritable tsunami now that anyone with an algorithm can become their own central bank (and all are exploding in value in what should m… [...]

Everyone Was Talking About A Stock Bubble… Just Before The Last Bubble Burst

One of the more painfully clueless observations made by pundits in recent weeks is that just because everyone is talking about a bubble, there can not possibly be a bubble. Naturally, if one is tuned to only filter any bubble mentions, one will natura… [...]

Guest Post: Paul Krugman’s Fallacies

Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum of Acting-Man blog, Krugman, Summers and the First Keynesian Paul Krugman has used the occasion of Larry Summers' speech at the IMF to lay out his economic views, or let us rather say, his economic fallacies. As we alr… [...]

The Amazing Disappearance Of Gold From The American Psyche

Submitted by Simon Black of Sovereign Man blog, In George Orwell’s seminal work 1984, there’s a really great scene early in the book between Winston (the main character) and Syme, a low-level functionary at the Ministry of Truth. Syme is wo… [...]

Circular Bubble Logic

Some have suggested that the surge in "bubble-talk" implies there can be no popping of the bubble, Pater Tenebrarum has a different perspective… Submitted by Pater Tenebrarum of Acting-Man blog, Interest In Bubbles Makes them Disappear &nda… [...]

Is Venezuela Selling Gold to Goldman Sachs?

With gold once again getting the slamdown treatment this morning (even as stocks shrug off any taper tantrum fears) the following article from Venezuelan newspaper El Nacional seems quite prescient. As Liberty Blitzkrieg's Mike Krieger notes, it ap… [...]

Americans Are More Skeptical About NSA Spying than Ever … Despite Massive Propaganda Campaign

We’ve previously noted: The American public doesn’t believe the NSA … and thinks that the government has gone way too far in the name of terrorism A huge majority of Americans wants the director of intelligence – Clapper &nd… [...]

Crowdfunding in Southeast Asia

By: Mark Wallace at http://www.capitalistexploits.at/ We just concluded our Meet Up in Singapore, center of the SE Asian financial universe. It’s a vibrant and energetic place where capitalism is thriving.  Over the course of about a week we hear… [...]