The "Anti-Economist" Vs Paul Krugman Who Calls Bitcoin the Anti-Social Network

krugman-picsay Paul Krugman wrote an anti-cryptocurrency Op-Ed piece in the NY Times titled the “Anti-social Network”. Now, I know the Times needs to sell ad space and subscriptions, hence technical accuracy may not be exactly what they are going for, … [...]

Bank Of China Close To Responding To Goldbug Prayers On Friday… But Not Yet

As we already reported yesterday, Chinese trade data for May came out about as abysmally as we predicted it would one month ago.  The reason: the Chinese Customs Administration was humiliated at the epic discrepancy in data between Chinese Hong Ko… [...]

Buy PHYSICAL Gold. NOW: The Discount of a Lifetime: Or Why You Must Abandon the Fake Paper Gold Market

  For previous articles by the author go to: Gordon Gekko's Blog -   They just showed their hands. The paper Ponzi pyramid is wobbling. It’s time to go in for the kill.   Let me explain…. [...]

2012: A Trader’s Odyssey

Submitted by institutional trader Paulo Pereira, currently on sabbatical Global market Musings: Volatility And The “Backstop” I recently received the following question from a friend of mine and wanted to share my thoughts with my market pals, and thro… [...]

Not Just Inflation: A Surprising New Risk Of The U.S. Dollar And Other Fiat Currencies

Precious metal fans claim that the paper money in your wallet or purse are continually shrinking in value. And see this, this and this. But it may be making you fat. Specifically, paper money contains bisphenol-A, more commonly known as BPA. The San F… [...]

Goldman Bullish On Gold, 3 Month Price Target Of $1785

Back in February, shortly before the big sell off in gold we warned that we have some “Horrible News For Goldbugs – Paulson Is Bullish On Gold Again.” We may have some bad news again, as the ‘bullish’ sentiment this time comes from none other than the… [...]

Complete Paulson 2011 Letter

There are those who voraciously, and blindly, read any and all hedge fund reports, allowing the already useless information to enter one brain hemisphere and exit the other, just so they can brag that they read such and such’s monthly or year end lett… [...]

Horrible News For Goldbugs – Paulson Is Bullish On Gold Again; Next – Roubini?

We wish we had good news, but we are not going to lie: This is the worst possible news for any gold bull out there. From Bloomberg: Gold traders are getting more bullish after billionaire hedge-fund manager John Paulson told investors it’s tim… [...]