Frontrunning: November 22

Wonder why: JPMorgan plans to keep pay roughly flat from last year (Reuters) – maybe this: Charles Schwab Warns “We Are In A Manipulated Market” Democrats overturn filibuster rule, increasing Obama’s power (FT) Day JFK Died We Traded Through Tears a… [...]

A Golden Opportunity Perhaps

Submitted by Mark J. Grant, author of Out of the Box, “I did not know that mankind was suffering for the want of gold. I have seen a little of it. I know that it is very malleable, but not so malleable as wit. A grain of gold will gild a great surfac… [...]

The Russians Are Outtahere: "The Cypriots Killed Their Country In One Day"

It appears the Cypriots (or more clearly the European leaders) do not appreciate the extent to which Russia has propped up the local economy. “When the Russians leave who is going to stay at the Four Seasons for $500 a night? Angela Merkel?” one we… [...]

Frontrunning: February 6

Tunisian opposition politician shot dead, protests erupt (Reuters) China says extremely concerned after latest North Korea threats (Reuters) Postal Service to cut Saturday mail to trim costs (AP) Debt Rise Colors Budget Talks (WSJ) Obama proposes shor… [...]

Sobering Stuff

Via Tim Price of Sovereign Man blog, If you want to send a roomful of 100 wealth managers into an icy chill, have Russell Napier address them. This is exactly what happened at Citywire’s Smart Beta retreat at the Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire recen… [...]

Frontrunning: November 5

Obama and Romney Deadlocked, Polls Show (WSJ) NYC Commuter Week Faces Uncharted Ground as Storm Brews (Bloomberg) New York region struggles to move on a week after Sandy (Reuters) Europe’s Bank Reviews Collateral (WSJ) Less circuses to pay for the br… [...]

Waiting For Godot

From Mark Grant author of Out of the Box Connectivity We shall never know the precise moment that it happened but somewhere around World War I would be about right. Everything had been crawling in this direction for a while and then the silent sparks … [...]

Frontrunning: May 1

Europe focus of global May Day labour protests (BBC) Occupy movement’s May Day turnout seen as test for its future (Reuters) BofA to Cut From Elite Ranks, will fire 2000 (WSJ) Man Group Has $1 Billion Outflows; Shares Slide on Cash Concern (Bloomberg… [...]

Frontrunning: April 30

Only the cattle cars are missing: Greece opens detention camp for immigrants as election looms (Reuters) China really wants that Iran oil – China mulls guarantees for ships carrying Iran oil (Reuters) U.S. eyes testy China talks, Chen backer expects … [...]