Yen Carry Lifts Risk Around The Globe In Quiet Overnight Trade

In a carry-trade driven world in which news and fundamentals no longer matter, the only relevant “variable” is whether the JPY is down (check) and the EUR is up (check) which always results in green equities around the globe and green futures in the US… [...]

Entire OTC Market Breaks As Finra Halts All Quotes And Trading

As we noted earlier, today’s Twitter IPO, while pricing without the Facebook associated histrionics or crashing the NASDAQ, has had an impact on markets. A rather profound impact it appears, because as the OTC BB site, the host of pink sheet, OTC and B… [...]

Frontrunning: October 10

The ice breaks; fiscal talks set (The Hill); Ryan steps up to shape a deal (The Hill), as predicted here yesterday Republicans consider short-term U.S. debt ceiling increase (Reuters) Shutdown Standoff Shows Signs of a Thaw (WSJ) JPMorgan Clients in C… [...]

TWTRQ Halted To Protect Idiots From Themselves

Moments ago, today’s standout stock Tweeter (TWTRQ), not to be confused with Twitter (TWTR) although it very clearly was as Zero Hedge first pointed out, was halted. The reason: to protect idiots from hurting themselves. From the OTC bulletin board: Tr… [...]

5 Biggest IPO Fails in History

There‚Äôs always a lot of fanfare when it comes to Initial Public Offerings. The bunting is brought out, the trumpets sound, the people stand up with killer actor and actress smiles and the champagne is popped at the New York Stock Exchange. Then? Some… [...]

SAC Unit CR Intrinsic To Pay Largest Ever Insider Trading Case Settlement: No Charges Are Admitted Or Denied

From the SEC: The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced that Stamford, Conn.-based hedge fund advisory firm CR Intrinsic Investors has agreed to pay more than $600 million to settle SEC charges that it participated in an insider trad… [...]

While Stocks Soar Towards New Highs, Sophisticated Investors Are Already Prepping for the Next, Bigger Collapse

  The US Government and the US Federal Reserve downplay the threat of inflation. There are two primary reasons for this:   Acknowledging higher inflation would mean both revising GDP growth much lower (last quarter’s FDP growth would h… [...]

Futures Slump As Global Q4 GDPs Dump

It started overnight in Japan, where Q4 GDP posted a surprising and disappointing 3rd quarter of declines, then quickly spread to France, whose Q4 GDP declined -0.3% Q/Q missing expectations of a -0.2% drop, down from a +0.1% increase, then Germany, wh… [...]

It’s Time The US Gov’t Finds Out How Loyal A Hungry Dog Really Is

Tabb Forum released a video today focusing on order-types in relation to HFT.  Tabb’s research director highlights that regulators are still unsure about what to do with HFT.    Perhaps it’s time we do what is in our power to hel… [...]

Rochdale "Rogue Apple Trader" Arrested

And so yet another saga of a trader who bet on AAPL rising, just before it tumbled, ends in tears, this time with what appears to be near certain incarceration of another small, 2-bit trader. As we previously reported, back in November, as AAPL stock … [...]