Russell Napier: "We Are On The Eve Of A Deflationary Shock "

In the aftermath of Ray Dalio’s conversion to an inflationista earlier this year (even if he has since once again been pushing a deflationary agenda when he once again went long Treasurys in late September as Zero Hedge reported previously), which prom… [...]

David Rosenberg Turns Bullish, Earns $3.1 Million

In early 2013, many were mystified when one of the most vocal deflationists, and hence stock market bears, David Rosenberg, turned furiously bullish. Just what was the motive behind this transformation many wondered? Thanks to a just filed Gluskin Shef… [...]

A Look Inside The "New Normal" McMansion

And they’re back: 2,277 sq.ft. – Median new-home size in 2007 2,306 sq. ft. – Median new-home size in 2012 Just as that crowning achievement of the last housing bubble, the McMansions, have once again returned with the second and final return of the … [...]

Hugh Hendry Capitulates: "Can’t Look At Himself In The Mirror" As He Throws In The Towel, Turns Bullish

“I cannot look at myself in the mirror; everything I have believed in I have had to reject. This environment only makes sense through the prism of trends.”       – Hugh Hendry First David Rosenberg, then Jeremy Grantham,… [...]

Fire And Brimstone: John Mauldin Edition

Roughly five years ago, when we first started warning that the Fed’s QE program, which we predicted will never end (five years later this is as true as ever), instead of leading to a virtuous economic cycle would result in a world where the labor force… [...]

Retail Sales Slow As Shopping Season Heats Up

Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management, While the specter of the debt ceiling debate continues to haunt the halls of Washington D.C. it is the state of retail sales that investors should be potentially focusing on.  While the latest … [...]

The "Greatest Rotation": From Capex To Dividends

The latest Q2 US Flow of Funds data revealed that the corporate financing surplus declined to zero, for the first time since the Lehman crisis. The financing surplus is a measure of corporate savings, and in principle the lower this financing surplus t… [...]

Marc Faber Blasts "A Corrupt System That Rewards Stupidity"

Authored by Marc Faber, originally posted at The Daily Reckoning blog, For the greater part of human history, leaders who were in a position to exercise power were accountable for their actions. If they waged wars or had to defend their territories fro… [...]

Bill Gross’ Monthly Thoughts: Expect The "Beautiful Deleveraging" To Conclude… Some Time In 2035

A week ago, we first reported that Bridgewater's Ray Dalio had finally thrown in the towel on his latest iteration of hope in the "Beautiful deleveraging", and realizing that a 3% yield is enough to grind the US economy to a halt, moved f… [...]

Government Is Largely Responsible for Soaring Inequality

  It's Not an Accident … It's Policy America is experiencing unprecedented inequality. And a who's who of prominent economists (and investors) say that inequality is hurting the economy. Defenders of the status quo pretend that this … [...]