Yen Carry Lifts Risk Around The Globe In Quiet Overnight Trade

In a carry-trade driven world in which news and fundamentals no longer matter, the only relevant “variable” is whether the JPY is down (check) and the EUR is up (check) which always results in green equities around the globe and green futures in the US… [...]

Guest Post: Is The Fed Ready To Cut America’s Fiat Life Support?

Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog, It is undeniable that America is thoroughly addicted to fiat stimulus. Every aspect of our economy, from stocks, to bonds, to banks, and by indirect extension main street, is now utterly dependent on the c… [...]

Has Ron Paul Gone Mainstream?

In a world some thought we would never see, most Americans and much of Congress seem to agree with Ron Paul's foreign policy advice – at least on the question of a military strike against Syria… Submitted by F.F. Wiley of Cyniconomics blog, Polli… [...]

Is the Government Spying On You Through Your Own COMPUTER’s Webcam Or Microphone?

We documented earlier today that -  if you are near your smart phone – the NSA or private parties could remotely activate your microphone and camera and spy on you. This post shows that the same is true for our computer. Initially, the NSA b… [...]

Guest Post: Who Are The Real Traitors?

Submitted by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog, “I’m neither traitor nor hero. I’m an American.” – Edward Snowden “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go ho… [...]

Guest Post: Is Obama Starting A War With Syria Just A Distraction From All The Scandals?

Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, Well, isn’t that convenient?  At the moment when the Obama administration is feeling more heat then ever before, it starts another war.  Suddenly everyone in the mainstream media is t… [...]

Frontrunning: March 4

Must defend against Chinese colonial expansion and get the Nigerian oil: U. S. Boosts War Role in Africa (WSJ) BOJ nominee Kuroda sets out aggressive policy ideas (Reuters) China becomes world’s top oil importer (FT) Baby Cured of HIV for the First … [...]

Frontrunning: January 22

Geithner allegations beg Fed reform (Reuters) BOJ Adopts Abe’s 2% Target in Commitment to End Deflation (BBG) Bundesbank Head Cautions Japan (WSJ) In speech, Obama pushes activist government and takes on far right (Reuters) Atari’s U.S. Operations… [...]

First Coke, Now Bloody Center – Government Feed-tervention Escalates

The personal freedom to indulge in 32 ounces of sugary corn-syrup-filled fizzy drinks left New Yorkers with a nasty libertarian taste in their mouths. Now, a few months later, as The Telegraph reports that UK council officials are cracking down on the … [...]

Frontrunning: November 6

Obama-Romney: Breaking the Tie (BBG) Fiscal cliff looms over campaign climax (FT) Tough Calls on Deficit Await the Winner (WSJ) Election Likely to Leave Housing Unmoved (WSJ) Regulator Investigating Rochdale Trading (WSJ) Greeks Plan Strikes On Eve o… [...]