Two-Thirds Of Americans Can’t Be Trusted

Only one-third of Americans say their fellow countrymen can be trusted according to a recent AP-GfK poll, down from over half 40 years ago. Americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encounters and who can blame them with the government appeari… [...]

Frontrunning: November 29

So much for the euphoria: Stores open early on Thanksgiving but shoppers in no rush (Reuters) Get to work Mr. Chairwoman: Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Deadline Nears (BBG) FX to Libor Probes Leave U.K. Traders Looking for Lawyers (BBG) Pro… [...]

"James Bond’s" Predictions for 2014…and Beyond

By: Chris Tell at I first met Joe in Mongolia last year. He is one of the most fascinating men I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. A spook from the cold war with stories that would not be out of place in any spy novel. Trut… [...]

Something’s Afoot In China: Young Rich Woman Are Buying Maseratis

Wolf Richter Money-losing Italian supercar maker Maserati, a subsidiary of money-losing Italian run-of-the-mill automaker Fiat, has some challenges. It sold 6,288 cars wo… [...]

53% Of Bankers Say Ethics Inhibit Career Progression – Here’s Why

The Economist found, rather sadly, despite all the glad-handing and happy-talk, that 53% of financial services executives believed that strict adherence to ethical conduct would make career progression difficult. As this former Wall Street trader told … [...]

Guest Post: Take The Money And Run: China’s Ill-Gotten Wealth Flees Overseas

Submitted by Charles Hugh-Smith of OfTwoMinds blog, The front door is covered with official pronouncements of "the China Dream" and blustery demands of hegemony, but the back door is choked with members of the financial/political Elite fleein… [...]

Meanwhile In Thailand

The protesters are taking over: BREAKING: Thai protesters burst into Foreign Ministry compound after taking over Finance Ministry. — The Associated Press (@AP) November 25, 2013 And so we have another nation where the people are less than delighted w… [...]

Thai Capital Plagued By the Biggest Anti-Government Protests in Years

More than 100,000 protesters congregated at Democracy Monument in Bangkok yesterday to protest Thai PM Yingluck Shiniwatra’s consideration of an amnesty bill to pardon her banned brother Thaksin Shiniwatra, the former Thai PM ousted from the country … [...]

Europe Shocked, Furious While Putin Triumphs Again: Ukraine Spurns Europe, Turns Toward Moscow

Yesterday, Ukraine was faced with a historic choice: “go West” by signing a new trade pact with the European Union and align against its former master the USSR… or “East”, and go back, at least symbolically, to mother Russia. To Europe’s shocked amaz… [...]

Guest Post: The 5 Economic "Big Lies" The Government Is Telling You

Submitted by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse blog, According to a whistleblower that has recently come forward, Census employees have been faking and manipulating U.S. employment numbers for years.  In fact, it is being alleged that this m… [...]