Black Friday Sales Tumble 13% On Thanksgiving Thursday Opening Scramble

Update: more data trickling in from the NRF, and since it is not pretty,  so expect much more blame to fall on the weather. U.S. consumers spent $57.4b over Black Friday weekend, down from last year’s $59.1b, National Retail Federation says Con… [...]

Mobs, Stampedes, Fights, Brawls, A Stabbing And Shooting: A Video Compilation Of Black Thursday 2013

That greatest of all American traditions – the Black Friday Thursday stampede, this year accompanied with a stabbing and a shooting, is back. A quick review of all readers may have missed by not lining up in droves outside of stores that were selling p… [...]

Wal-Mart Responds To Striking Workers And Assorted Hangers On

From a Press Release issued by America’s (and the world’s) largest employer (except the US government of course) in response to sporadic strikes by its workers:  ”This has been the most successful Black Friday in Walmart’s history, with customers … [...]


  Animal studies made famous by John Calhoun (1962) show that crowding in the animal world results in what he calls the “behavioral sink.” Human studies made famous by Dr Satoshi Nakamura show that intensive rounds of Keynesian money printing &n… [...]

Wal-Mart Plagued By The "Wrong Kind" Of Lines On Black Friday

Yesterday, it was fast-food workers explaining that a 100% minimum wage rise “would do just fine” and today it is Wal-Mart employees pressing for a 50% rise. As McClatchy reports, Wal-Mart employees plan to disrupt operations at 1,500 of the company’s … [...]

Spock’s Wisest Words

I have been a fan of Star Trek (the original series) ever since I was a child. The show means a lot to me on multiple levels, and I spent many hours in my youth watch and re-watching every episode. (And this is before we had these here newfan… [...]

Frontrunning: November 29

So much for the euphoria: Stores open early on Thanksgiving but shoppers in no rush (Reuters) Get to work Mr. Chairwoman: Do-Nothing Congress Dithers on Budget as Deadline Nears (BBG) FX to Libor Probes Leave U.K. Traders Looking for Lawyers (BBG) Pro… [...]

No Red Futures On Black Friday

A hungover America slowly wakes up from a day of society-mandated consumption and purchasing excess to engage in even more Fed-mandated excess in the equity markets. The only difference is that while the “90%” was engaged in the former and depleting th… [...]

Black Friday Vs Cyber Monday

With Thanksgiving comes Black Friday and Cyber Monday, two of the biggest days for retail stocks each year. Thanksgiving isn’t just an opportunity to gorge on turkey; it’s also one of the most important weekends of the year for the retail sector. As mu… [...]

These 441 (And Rising) Retailers Are Offering "Bitcoin Black Friday" Deals

If one of the initial fears surrounding Bitcoin, or rather digital currencies of which there suddenly appears to be a veritable tsunami now that anyone with an algorithm can become their own central bank (and all are exploding in value in what should m… [...]