1974 Enders To Kissinger: "We Should Look Hard At Substantial Sales & Raid The Gold Market Once And For All"

Four years ago we exposed what appeared to be a 'smoking gun' of the Fed's willingness to manipulate the price of gold. Then Fed-chair Burns noted the equivalency of gold and money, and furthermore pointed out that if the Fed does not contr… [...]

A-Rod And Janet Yellen: What Valuation, Debt And The Fed Can Say About The Next Bear Market

Submitted by F.F. Wiley of Cyniconomics What Can Valuation, Debt and the Fed Tell Us about the Next Bear Market? We last wrote about stock valuation in August, when we looked at three types of P/E multiples and argued that stocks were more stretched t… [...]

Kevin Warsh Exposes The Fed’s Market-Based Dilemma In Under 90 Seconds

“The reality is,”Kevin Warsh exclaims, “QE policy favors those with big balance sheets, those with risk appetites, and access to free money,” while real people “are still looking around and saying what is fed policy doing for me.” The problem, he expla… [...]

Margin Debt Soars To New Record; Investor Net Worth Hits Record Low

The correlation between stock prices and margin debt continues to rise (to new records of exuberant "Fed's got our backs" hope) as NYSE member margin balances surge to new record highs. Relative to the NYSE Composite, this is the most &qu… [...]

Greenspan Still Doesn’t Get It

Submitted by Tomas Salamanca via the Ludwig von Mises Institute of Canada, Until recently, Alan Greenspan’s main argument to exonerate himself of responsibility for the 2007-2009 financial crisis has consisted in the claim that strong Asian deman… [...]

Have Larry Summers And Paul Krugman Just Had Their Dimon/Dudley Moment?

Submitted by F.F.Wiley of Cyniconomics blog, With my kids getting older, I no longer get much chance to play “What’s wrong with this picture?” This is the game you’ll occasionally find on a children’s menu that&r… [...]

The Onion Revealed As Mystery Source Of Larry Summers’ And Paul Krugman’s Economic Insight

The following brief speech by Larry Summers given at the November 8 IMF Economic forum has been getting some attention in the blogosphere over the weekend. The topic of Summers’ speech is the age-old debate of how to overcome the zero lower bound in … [...]

Guest Post: Is It Wrong To Be Anti-Government?

Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt-Market blog, It is natural for a society to search for explanations and motivations in the wake of a man-made tragedy. It is also somewhat natural for people to be driven by their personal biases when looking for someo… [...]

Mike Maloney’s Top 10 Reasons To Buy Gold & Silver

As Mike "Hidden Secrets Of Money" Maloney has said many times before, the economic crisis of 2008 was only a speed bump on the way to the main event.  He believes that before the end of this decade there will be an economic crisis so his… [...]

Greenspan Maps a Territory

Click here to follow ZeroHedge in Real-time on FinancialJuice There‚Äôs very little use in mapping a territory that has already been mapped, but there are times when it is done for other reasons. Maybe this time where the mapping of territory is going … [...]